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‘Motreb’ tops Iranian box office hits of the year

Iranian comedy ‘Motreb’ tops Iranian box office hits of the year.

Iranian comedy ‘Motreb’ has topped the Iranian box office hits of the year.

Selling more than 385,000,000,000 rials, the film’s gross ranked first in the Persian year of 1398 over Saeed Roustaee’s acclaimed drama ‘6.5 per Meter’ (Just 6.5) with 277,000,000,000 rials and Masoud Atyabi’s comedy ‘Texas 2’ with 225,000,000,000 rials.

‘Rahman 1400’ by Manouchehr Hadi, ‘When the Moon Was Full’ by Narges Abyar, ‘The Warden’ by Nima Javidi, ‘Closed Eyes and Ears’ by Farzad Motamen, ‘Four Fingers’ by Hamed Mohammadi, ‘We Are All Together’ by Kamal Tabrizi and ‘Under Watch’ by Majid Salehi ranked next in list of the best selling films of the year in Iranian box office.

Directed by Mostafa Kiaee, ‘Motreb’ finished the shooting stage in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

It has gone on the public screens across Iran since the mourning lunar month of Safar.

The social-comedy's cast includes Parviz Parastouee, Elnaz Shakerdoust, Mohsen Kiaee, Hossein Omidi, Amin Moqaddam, and Mehran Ahmadi as well as a number of Turkish actors.

“They don’t acknowledge [our talent] call us just a live music performer,” a synopsis for the film reads.

The flick is about an Iranian family that arrives in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

‘Motreb’ is also written and produced by Mostafa Kiaee. The director himself has also appeared in the movie.