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Two Iranian screenplays to compete at US fest

Iranian screenplays ‘like a Secret’ and ‘Mud Play’ are to vie at the 2020 American Screenwriting Conference in the US.

Written by Saeed Zamanian, two screenplays ‘like a Secret’ and ‘Mud Play’ has been selected to vie at the 16th edition of the American Screenwriting Conference (ACC) in the US.

A brief synopsis for ‘like a Secret’ reads “Now, he is living in his own world”.

‘Like a Secret’ has previously been selected as a finalist at the 10th Oaxaca Film Festival in Mexico and won the Best Short Screenplay Award at the Florence Film Award in Italy.

It’s the first time that Zamanian presents the ‘Mud Play’ to an international event.

Zamanian has so far developed a good number of screenplays some of which have attended international and national film events.

His short film script titled ‘The Feast of the Goat’ has grabbed the Best Script award at the Film Independent’s Script Awards in the US.

The ACC event is annually held as a part of the Sacramento International Film Festival (SFF) in the US.

The SFF is an art organization with Year-round activities and an annual film celebration in April/May.

The 2020 SFF is scheduled for May 3-5 in the US city of Sacramento.

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