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Philosophy behind remaining asleep for 300 years

In an ifilm exclusive report, philosophy behind 300 years’ sleep featured in ‘The Men of Angelos’ is discussed.

In an ifilm exclusive report, a Muslim clergyman has discussed philosophy behind sleep lasting for three hundred years featured in ‘The Men of Angelos’ series.

The religious expert said to ifilm, “An intriguing line in this story is that the Companions of the Cave had a jump ahead of their time to three hundred years later,” adding “They knew no one from the present time.”

“These men saw what they wanted to see,” he also said, referring to this as the philosophy behind a three hundred years’ sleep before they came back to life.

The series follows the story of a group of men deeply troubled by the way their faith is being tainted by false beliefs and the spread of atheism.

They live in an age when the faithful are going astray. They try to use their influence to change things, but in the end the men of Angelos are forced to flee rather than surrender to tyranny.

They take refuge in a cave outside town and sleep out of exhaustion. The next day or so they wake up in an entirely different era.