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ifilm star Pejman Jamshidi becomes best-selling actor of year

ifilm star Pejman Jamshidi becomes best-selling actor of year at Iranian box office.

ifilm star Pejman Jamshidi has become the best-selling actor of the Persian year of 1398 at the Iranian box office.

According to local media, the total revenue of the movies which Jamshidi has acted in and went on the silver screens during the year has been more than the other Iranian actors.

In 1398, Jamshidi went on Iranian silver screens with ‘Dance with Me’, ‘Texas 2’, ‘Original Idea’, ‘Labyrinth’, and ‘We are All Together’.

Mohsen Kiaee and Navid Mohammadzadeh are respectively the second and third best-selling actors of the year.

Kiaee has appeared in ‘Motreb’ and ‘Midday Adventures: Trace of Blood’ while Mohammadzadeh had ‘6.5 per Meter’ and ‘The Warden’ on the big screen.

Born in 1977, Jamshidi was a professional footballer who played as midfielder for Persepolis, Saipa, Pas Tehran and some other clubs.

He made his debut TV series with ‘Medical Building’ in 2011, but his role in the TV series ‘Pejman’, directed by Soroush Sehat, made him a household name.

Jamshidi has appeared in a number of the TV series, including ‘Cloudy Years’ and some movies, including ‘Ceasefire 2’.