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Famed China director donates for Coronavirus fight in Iran

Chinese director Xu Zheng donates to Iran fight against the world’s pandemic.

Director Xu Zheng has been named as the first international artist from China donating money to Iran’s battle for containing the spread of new pandemic in the world.

China’s ambassador to Iran said in a social media post the famed director donated 15 million yuan for Iran fight against the Coronavirus.

The donation includes over 500 medical devices, the ambassador’s post added.

China has so far provided a large portion of financial and medical aid to Iran in a bid to help the country contain the virus spread.   

 The flu-like deadly Coronavirus originated in China in late 2019 and later spread to more than 100 other countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the virus a global pandemic.

Xu Zheng, born 18 April 1972, is a Chinese actor and director best known for acting in comedic roles.

Xu directed and starred in ‘Lost in Thailand’ (2012) and ‘Lost in Hong Kong’ (2015) - two of the highest-grossing films in China.