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ifilm to air finale for ‘Amen’ series

ifilm English TV is to air finale for ‘Amen’ series on Wednesday.

ifilm English Channel has set to air final episode for the series ‘Amen’ on Wednesday night.

The final episode for the series, directed by Behrang Tofiqi and produced by Javad Norouzbeigi, will be aired on March 18, 2020.

In ‘Amen’, Colonel Shirazi, the commander of a special unit code-named Amen, is assigned to close a case on a fugitive offender, Homayoun Tamaddon, who killed the colonel's brother during a hostage situation last year.

The police find a trace of Homayoun by discovering a truck loaded with drugs. They also monitor Homayoun’s son, who’s come to Iran to attend his wife’s memorial.

However, there are hidden hands that complicate things and hamper the police investigation.

Among the cast list are Behnaz Jafari, Shahrokh Estakhri, Amin Hayaee, Majid Vasheqani, Kazem Balouchi, Daryoush Farhang, Hadi Saei, Asha Mehrabi, Soudabeh Beyzaee, Khatereh Hatami, Mohammad-Reza Davoudnejad, Shahrzad Kamalzadeh, Nima Raeesi, Yousef Teymouri, and Afsaneh Nasseri.

‘Amen’, produced in 2015, will be replaced by ‘Operation 125’ directed by Behrouz Afkhami.