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Coronavirus cancels ‘Loving in Hanoi’ production

Production for Iranian movie ‘Loving in Hanoi’ stops over coronavirus outbreak.

The production for Iranian movie ‘Loving in Hanoi’ has stopped over coronavirus outbreak.

Qorban Mohammadpour, the producer of the movie has announced that Vietnam had frozen Visa for Iran due to coronavirus outbreak in the country.

‘Loving in Hanoi’ was supposed to be filmed in Vietnam.

Also directed by Qorban Mohammadpour, 'Loving in Hanoi' will be made to be a sequel to Iran-India films 'Salaam Mumbai' and 'The Devil's Daughter'.

The film is said to be about a dexterous pianist named Ali who suffers from a severe depression due to losing his fiancé.

To ameliorate his condition and hoping that he would forget all the pain of his loss, his family decide to send him to Hanoi to spend time with his best friend Ahmad.

A plethora of unexpected events await him in Hanoi, though.