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Mona Farjad to star in ‘Left.Right’

Mona Farjad is to star in new film project ‘Left.Right’.

Mona Farjad is to star in new film project.

The Iranian actress has joined ‘Left.Right’ directed by four renowned filmmakers.

Rambod Javan, Peyman Qasemkhani, Soroush Sehhat and Hamed Mohammadi are the four directors whose comedies are usually welcomed by viewers and came together to make ‘Left.Right’.

Born in 1984, Mona Farjad is the daughter of Iranian actor Jalil Farjad.

She made her acting debut at the age of two in ‘Baharan’ (1987), where she appeared alongside her father.

At the age of 18, she started her professional career in acting more seriously.

Since then, she has appeared in many films and series, including ‘In Love’ (2006), ‘The Weary-Hearted’ (2009) and ‘Medical Building’ (2010-2011).