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‘Silence, the Cochlea’ visual team in collab with Netflix

‘Silence, the Cochlea’ visual effects manager Amin Enteshari collaborates with Netflix.

‘Silence, the Cochlea’ visual effects manager Amin Enteshari has talked about his new cinematic adventure with Netflix.

Enteshari, whose visual work for Behrang Dezfoulizadeh’s ‘Silence, the Cochlea’ made quite some noise in the field, has recently given cooperative hands with Netflix for a TV series.

He mentioned in a press report that the new Netflix TV series has four teams working as visual effects designers, one of which is this Iranian group under Enteshari’s supervision.

The show, which has not revealed further detail yet, will kick off streaming on Netflix in about a year and a half.

Enteshari’s award-winning ‘Silence, the Cochlea’ is an attempt to bring hearing impaired people under the spotlight and to attract people’s attention to the problems facing the deaf.

Hanieh Tavassoli, Mehran Ahmadi, Mohsen Kiaee and Pedram Sharifi are the main members of the cast.