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COVID-19-related advice coming from Iranian actress

Iranian actress Marzieh Boroumand advises people to stay home during coronavirus outbreak.

Iranian actress Marzieh Boroumand has advised people to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Boroumand, puppeteer, screenwriter and director of TV series and films, said that some of the Iranian artists have set up "Iranian Therapeutic Assistance Foundation" to help contain coronavirus outbreak, advising the people to stay at home and not to travel.

On her contribution to upgrade the public knowledge, Boroumand said: "Given the outbreak of the virus and the physicians’ advice to stay home, I could also talk through internet and social networks and ask people to control this common corona epidemic.”

“With the help of a group of filmmakers, physicians and social activists and puppeteers, we collected medical equipment to help the nurses fighting on the front-lines.”

She added that a national institute called "Iranian Therapeutic Assistance Foundation" has been accordingly set up.

The head of the Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education said on Monday that 14,991 Iranians have been infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19), 853 of whom have succumbed to death.