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Reza Foroutan wins at Irani Chaii Int’l Film Festival

Mohammad-Reza Foroutan has won award at Cafe Irani Chaii Int'l Film Festival in Mumbai.

Iranian actor Mohammad-Reza Foroutan has succeeded to win award at the 2020 Cafe Irani Chaii International Film Festival in Mumbai.

Foroutan won the best actor award of the event for his role in ‘White Fish Season’ directed by Ghorban Najafi.

Co-produced by Arash Sajadi-Hosseini and Ali Golbaharan, ‘White Fish Season’ is based on ‘The Cherry Orchard’, the last play by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.

The movie, which is co-written by director Najafi and Ghazal Zargramini, is a 2018 production featuring Mohammad-Reza Foroutan, Ladan Mostofi, Bijan Banafshehkhah, Milad Keymaram, Shaqayeq Dehqan and Behzad Khodaveisi.

“Nahid belongs to a noble and land-owning family. She got a massive loan from a bank following the sudden death of her only child and went to Paris. Because of her family sabotage, she failed to pay back the loan, so the bank wants to put the property on auction. She comes back from Paris, maybe she gets a chance to save the property together with her brother Bahram,” reads as the flick’s synopsis.

‘White Fish Season’ previously attended some global film festivals where it succeeded to sweep awards, including Best Feature Film Award at the Antakya International Film Festival, Award for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Lonavala International Film Festival India and Best Cinematography Award from the 13th Annual Iranian Film Festival (IFF) - San Francisco.

Najafi’s social drama also marked its latest premiere at the 17th edition of the Tirana International Film Festival (TIFF) in Albania.

According to the event’s official website, “The mission of Café Irani Chaii International Film Festival is to support and develop the artistic appreciation and growth of independent films as well as to promote the exhibition of independent films and conduct educational programs that teach the art of film making.”

The two-day festival took place on March 12-13, 2020 at the Culture House of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Mumbai.