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Iranian celebrities we said goodbye to in 1398

ifilm English website remembers Iranian stars we had to say goodbye to last Persian year.

As we welcome the new Persian year of 1399, we remember Iranian stars we had to say goodbye to in 1398.

On 13th day of the first Persian calendar month of Farvardin last year (which fell on April 2, 2019), Iran’s veteran actor Jamshid Mashayekhi passed away at the age of 85. He took part in more than 90 movies and 50 TV series.

His roles in historical TV series such as 'Kamal-ol-Molk' and 'Hezar Dastan' exhibit his acting ability.

About two months later, the dubbing artist Parviz Bahram died at the age of 86 after suffering from cancer.

Meanwhile, Iran’s cinema, theater and television actor Daryoush Asadzadeh died at the age of 96 last summer.

Asadzadeh, who was also a writer, played roles in various TV series such as ‘Dark Intelligence 1’, ‘The Green House’, and ‘Huge Problems 2’.

He also took part in many movies, including ‘Spouse’, ‘Scent of Camphor; Fragrance of Jasmine’, ‘This is not a Love Song’, ‘Music Box’, ‘Resident of the Wooden Cottage’ and ‘Hello Grandfather’.

In autumn last year, Ebrahim Abadi, the theater and movie actor, died at the age of 85 in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

He appeared in some series and films that were aired by ifilm, including ‘In the Eye of the Storm’, ‘The Tenth Night’ and 'Mummy 3'.

Shahla Riahi, Iran’s veteran actress and first female director, is also among the most notable arts figures we lost in 1398.

Riahi passed away at the age of 96. She made her last film appearance in Iranian comedy ‘Sperm Whale 2’ around three years ago.

In the last days of 1398 winter, Malakeh Ranjbar passed away at the age of 81.

The actress appeared in several ifilm series and movies, including ‘The Chef’, ‘Son of Adam, Daughter of Eve’, ‘The Sting and the Bee’, and ‘Left-Handed’.

Nosrat Karimi and Valiyollah Shirandami are also among the actors the cinema lost last Persian year.