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Iranian movie ‘The Blue Land’ ready to go on screen

Iranian film ‘The Blue Land’ directed by Ali Fakhr Mousavi is ready to be premiered.

Ali Fakhr Mousavi’s latest production ‘The Blue Land’ has been ready to go on screen.

‘The Blue Land’, which counts as its director’s second cinematic work, was filmed in the village of Savadkouh located in the Iranian northern province of Mazandaran.

A synopsis for the film reads, “Dr. Arash Peyrov, after facing some problems in Tehran, decides to go to a border village where he discovers truth about past”.

Cast members of the film are Mohammadreza Rahbar, Manouchehr Azar, Behzad Dorani and Sahar Abdolahi.

The film was produced with the investment of the Oleksida Company in Iran. The music for the film was made by an Italian musician in the US.

Also the color correction for the film was done in the Ukraine-based Dovzhenko Film Studios.

The film will go on screen in the Experience and Art Iranian cinema.