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China reopens 500+ cinemas as coronavirus is contained

China reopens 500+ cinemas as number of new cases infected with coronavirus reduces.

Chins has reopened more than 500 cinema halls in different provinces this weekend due to the successful containment of the coronavirus.

According to local reports, at first 486 cinema halls were back at work, while on Saturday the total was raised to 507.

Though the movie theaters are open, a slight number of people are attending.

China continues online screening of the films till the reopening of all cinema halls.

While the country is taking some steps to get back to normal life, the rest of the world is struggling with the highly contagious virus. Cinema halls around the globe are now essentially closed for business.

According to a new survey done in china, people are not willing to go out immediately because of the fear of the virus. Some people though stated that they are waiting for the new movies to be released.

It’s been five days that the Chinese city of Wuhan, the center of coronavirus outbreak, hasn’t reported new cases infected with the virus.