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COVID19 common pain beyond nationality, border, Iranian cineaste

Iranian cineaste Masoud Hatami sees coronavirus as common pain beyond borders and nationalities.

Iranian cineaste Masoud Hatami has announced his decision to make a film about coronavirus (COVID19) with a different point of view.

Taking an optimistic view about COVID19, he said “in the script I try to convey the idea that we should feel the life no matter in quarantine, in prison, in a palace or in a simple house. We are experiencing a global issue that is not limited to our country”.

“It’s a common pain that reminds us of other people and is beyond nationality and ethnicity. Technology and the cyberspace separated us, but the pain of this disease reminded us of humanity, that’s the positive aspect of the COVID 19”, Hatami added.

The Iranian cineaste insists that we should not get stuck in the everyday life; we should seek salvation by hard work and should get rid of our old and negative views.

Hatami previously planned to make a short film titled ‘Bowl’. But he changed his mind and is currently developing the short into a long feature film. Instead, he is devoting his time in quarantine to write the new script on coronavirus.