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‘Pejman’ star reveals facts about his career and life

ifilm website publishes interview with ‘The Good, the Bad, the Corny’ star Pejman Jamshidi.

ifilm star Pejman Jamshidi has attended ‘The Gathering’ TV show, revealing new details about his life and career in a friendly talk.

Mehran Modiri, the host of the show, asked questions about Jamshidi’s personal life and career which are as follows.

Modiri: Which of your works you like best?

Jamshidi: I like all of my works. When accepting a role, I read the script first and I play in the films and series that I like.

Modiri: Are you an ungenerous person?

Jamshidi: I played football at an early age and I made money very hard, so I spend it carefully. I’m not stingy.

Modiri: What are your criteria when accepting a project?

Jamshidi: First I read the screenplay. Then I assess my ability to play the role. At last, the director and the cast of the film which I’m taking part in are important factors to accept the project.

Modiri: Do you have any free time?

Jamshidi: To be honest, in the last 6 years that I’ve been working as an actor I had less than 3 months of free time.

Modiri: Have you played in any theatrical projects?

Jamshidi: Yes I have. I played in ‘Frankenstein’ and it was the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life. I signed the contract 15 days before the play going on the stage and it was really hard to get ready for the role. It was even harder than playing football.

Modiri: Are you a good-tempered person?

Jamshidi: I’m not as happy and good-tempered as I appear in my comedies. Not everyone can tolerate my mood. I’m a little impatient.

Modiri: Are you brave?

Jamshidi: I don’t know. I can take risks and the only thing that I’m afraid of is losing my loved ones.

Modiri: What do you have to tell us about the current situation that the world is struggling with and the coronavirus outbreak?

Jamshidi: I don’t want to talk about the negative aspects of the virus. It’s been wonderful to see how the nurses and doctors are sacrificing themselves to save other people. Before this crisis I’ve come to the conclusion that we are not able to love each other anymore, but now, observing what is happening, I just believe that we can reach all these kind people when we face an inconvenience.

Modiri: What’s your ideal?

Jamshidi: My ideal in my career is to always play in works which I like. I hope I will never be forced to play in a role for money.

Modiri: Are you happy with your life?

Jamshidi: Yes, I am. Truly, I am.


Jamshidi was a professional footballer who played as midfielder for Persepolis, Saipa, Pas and some other clubs.

He made his debut TV series with ‘Medical Building’ in 2011, but his role in the series ‘Pejman’ in 2013, directed by Soroush Sehat, made him a household name.

Jamshidi has appeared in movies and TV series such as ‘Cloudy Years’, ‘Ceasefire 2’ and ‘The Honor of Fazel Family’.