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Australian documentary streamer to produce series on COVID-19

Australian documentary streamer, iwonder, is to produce series on coronavirus.

Australian documentary streamer, iwonder, has announced the production of a series on the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country.

‘Coronavirus & Me’ is a collaborative series and will depict the experiences of Australians in quarantine.

The series will be made using the content that Australians send via the iwonder platform.

The videos which are recorded with camera-phones and home cameras or by amateurs and aspiring filmmakers will be edited into short documentaries by the streamer.

Those who send their videos are not paid, but the platform will make a donation to Australian Red Cross for each video which is used.

The short pieces of the series are a narration of the way people of the country are coping with coronavirus.

The first episode will be ready by the end of April 2020.

Australia has 2,793 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 11 fatalities.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morisson last weekend announced that the country’s border will be closed and a virtual lockdown may last for six months.

iwonder published a statement about the series that reads “To reflect the unknown nature of the unpredictable and ever-changing crisis, no end date or episode limit has been attached to the series, with the intention to continue publishing new episodes as long as the topic remains relevant and the appetite for stories continues”.

iwonder is a streaming video service that allows the subscribers to watch a large number of documentaries on various topics.

It aims to bring the best of documentaries which are made every year to the audience that may not have heard about them.