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Asian-American Hollywood actors criticize Trump over COVID-19

Asian-American Hollywood actors criticize US president Donald Trump over calling COVID-19 “Chinese Virus”.

The US President Donald Trump’s attempt to call coronavirus “Chinese virus” has been criticized by Asian-American Hollywood actors.

Shannon Lee, daughter of martial arts film star Bruce Lee, wrote in a statement "I want us all to understand there is no 'Chinese Virus'. A virus knows no nationality, and wherever and however it started, it does us no good to point fingers, ostracize, attack or demonize Asian people."

The phrase “Chinese virus” has been linked to racist attacks and irritated many people who were the aim of the attacks.

The Young Turk host Cenk Uygur also tweeted that his children are harassed by their classmates.

There are many actors and activists who experienced the racist attacks and are trying to send the message that racism is the virus and such attacks do not help us to contain the disease.

Social media campaigns have been lunched to fight racism and many of these actors support the move.