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ifilm to prove ‘Women Are Angels’

ifilm English TV is to air new movie ‘Women Are Angels’ on Saturday.

ifilm English TV has scheduled to air new movie ‘Women Are Angels’ on Saturday night.

Produced by Abdollah Alikhani as well as Hossein Farahbakhsh and directed by Shahram Shah-Hosseini, the movie will be on ifilm March 28, 2020.

Written by Ahmad Rafeezadeh, ‘Women Are Angels’ is about Leila who loves her husband, but when she finds out he’s not the man she thought he was, she wants to get out of the bad marriage.

There’s just one problem. Leila comes from a wealthy family and she’d transferred all her possessions to her husband’s name, and he’s refusing to give back all he snatched.

Now Leila needs to figure out a way to trick her husband into giving back what belongs to her.

Amin Hayaee, Leila Otadi, Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia, Niki Karimi, Ladan Tabatabaee, Mahtab Keramati, Ahmad Pourmokhber, and Maryam Soltani are the most notables on the cast list.

‘Women Are Angels’, made in 2007, is scheduled to go on air at 22:00 GMT.

ifilm English will also repeat the movie the next day at 04:00, 10:00 and 16:00 (all GMT times).