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ifilm TV to air finale for ‘Youth’ series

ifilm English TV is to air finale for the series ‘Youth’ on Sunday.

ifilm English channel has set to air final episode for the series ‘Youth’ on Sunday night.

The final episode for the series, written by Ahmad Behbahani, produced by Esmaeel Afifeh, and directed by Saeed Soltani, will be aired on March 29, 2020.

‘Youth’ tells the story of a husband and wife who have five sons.

Like in any traditional Iranian family, the mother is the one who raises the children and knows each and every one of them to the core.

But when the mother unexpectedly passes away, the father is left with boys having extremely different characters.

Even though the boys have great respect for their father, he struggles to maintain a good relationship with them and can’t seem to find a proper way to deal with the whole situation.

Sorayya Qasemi, Reza Tavakkoli, Jahangir Almasi, Abbas Amiri-Moqaddam, Fariba Kosari, Tannaz Tabatabaee, Behzad Khodaveisi, Mahvash Sabrkon, Mohammad-Hadi Qomeyshi, Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, and Shohreh Soltani are on the series cast list.

‘Youth’, produced in 2001, will be replaced by ‘Solace of the Heart’ made by Hossein Soheilizadeh.