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Iran comedian transformed to Trump

Watch this video showing almost spitting-image of Trump through amazing make-up done by Iranian artist.

Watch this video showing how famed Iranian comedian looks so much like US president through artistic make-up.

Akbar Abdi who appeared in scores of comedy films and series has a face that make-up artists wish for any actor as they can change his face to appear young or old as a man or woman with unimaginable ease. But this time, he sat in the make-up chair to achieve the look of not-so-much popular US President Donald Trump.   

Abdollah Eskandari is the skillful Iranian artist who made Abdi look like Trump. In his social media post, Eskandari said of a video showing the actor as Trump that “I didn’t intend to make him so much like Trump, though.”

Abdi appeared in comedies such as ‘Major Mayhem’ (1984), ‘The Man Who Became a Mouse’ (1985), ‘The Tenants’ (1986), ‘The Grand Cinema’ (1988) and ‘O’ Iran’ (1989). 

He appeared in movies such as ‘Doll Thief’ (1989), ‘Nassereddin Shah Film Actor’ (1991), ‘The Devoted’ (1991), ‘Angel Day’ (1993), ‘A Gift From India’ (1994), ‘Mr. Lucky’ (1994), ‘Snowman’ (1994), ‘The Sunny Man’ (1995) and ‘The Loser’ (1995).