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Russia’s Interdoc to host Iran’s doc ‘Abedan-e Kohanz’

The Interdoc int’l filmfest in Russia is to host Iran’s doc ‘Abedan-e Kohanz’.

The Interdoc international film festival in Russia has scheduled to host Iranian documentary ‘Abedan-e Kohanz’.

Directed by Majid Rastegar and produced by Amir Mehr-Yazdan, the Interdoc will screen the Iranian doc in 50 cities in Russia and around the world.

‘Abedan-e Kohanz’ has been one of the selected titles at the 9th edition of Ammar Popular Film Festival in Iran.

The doc narrates the story of some teenagers who were trained at Amir-al-Momenin Mosque in Kohanz, Shahriar. The teenagers had prominent roles during a number of important events in 2009 and in Syria.

The teenagers were Mostafa Sadrzadeh, Mohammad Azhand, Sajjad Effati (all got martyred), Amir-Hossein Haji-Nasiri, and Reza Salmani.

The 2020 edition of the International Documentary Film Festival – Interdoc – will be held on April 30-May 2 in Moscow and more than 50 cities of Russia and the World.

The festival will feature various themes and genres of documentary films.