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IRIB to present coronavirus tips via animations

An Iranian animation center is producing series on tips to prevent spreading coronavirus.

An Iranian animation center has been producing series on tips to prevent spreading coronavirus (COVID-19).

Iran’s Saba Animation Center is the producer of the series titled ‘Coronavirus’.

The series which has no dialogue is composed of 26 one-minute episodes.

Each episode carries messages narrated at the end in Persian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Turkish and Kurdish.

The episodes in the series will be aired as public service advertisements during intermissions between regular programs on IRIB’s various TV channels.  

Alireza Issaee, the producer of the series, said the recommendations included in the series have all been approved by Iran’s health authorities and the World Health Organization.

Penned by Ali Zarandouz, Leila Zarqi and Shabnam Fattahi, the series is being directed by Pejman Malemir, Hessam Javaheri, Behnam Berenji and Azadeh Nikbar.

Iranian artists have taken an active role to raise people’s awareness of coronavirus – COVID-19.

Earlier in mid-March, Iranian cartoonist Jamal Rahmati announced that he has used characters from Persian poet Ferdowsi’s magnum opus, the Shahnameh, to make an animation series named ‘The Seven Adventures of Coronavirus’.

The animation aims at entertaining children who have been quarantined in their homes over the past three weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic in the country, teaching them how to protect themselves against the new virus.