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See how ‘Pejman’ star speaks English

ifilm star Pejman Jamshidi speaks English in ‘Mastermind’.

ifilm star Pejman Jamshidi has spoken English in the movie ‘Mastermind’ (Original Idea).

Directed by Azita Mougouee, ‘Mastermind’ was filmed in Iran, Cyprus, Spain and Canada.

“Iran and Spain have agreed to launch a big project in the island of Hendurabi in southern Iran. Many companies and people have participated in the tender to win it. The engineer Saeed Parsa who separated from his wife Roya Azadi a couple of years ago, is the head of one of the companies bidding on the project. Others are also trying to win the fateful tender for various purposes,” a synopsis for the film reads.

The companies try their bests to trick the others and win the contract.

In addition to Jamshidi, ‘Mastermind’ is starring Bahram Radan, Merila Zarei, and Hanieh Tavassoli as well as some European actors.

Born in 1977, Jamshidi was a professional footballer who played as midfielder for Persepolis, Saipa, Pas Tehran and some other clubs.

He made his debut TV series with ‘Medical Building’ in 2011, but his role in the TV series ‘Pejman’, directed by Soroush Sehat, made him a household name.

Jamshidi has appeared in a number of the TV series, including ‘Cloudy Years’ and some movies, including ‘Ceasefire 2’.

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