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Iran produces ‘Golshahr’ doc on fighting against coronavirus

Iran produces ‘Golshahr’ on coronavirus outbreak in Mashhad.

Directed by Hossein Nejad-Mousa, ‘Golshahr’ documentary has been made on the coronavirus outbreak in Iranian city of Mashhad.

A synopsis for the documentary reads “outbreak of coronavirus in Iran made a group of Afghan immigrants to help preventing the disease. They produce masks and help to find the affected people in an area named Golshahr that is located in Mashhad. The documentary is a narration of a police force named Seyyed-Asadollah Saadati’s fight against the coronavirus”.

Iran like other countries is struggling with the highly contagious coronavirus, known as COVID-19.

The country has closed all the theaters and cinemas halls as well as all other public places (except those that are vital to the daily life of people) to prevent the outbreak of the virus that is paralyzing the world.

Many cineastes are trying to depict the crisis through their cameras and several screenplays are being written to be produced after the defeat of the virus.