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Iran to broadcast theater plays online over COVID-19

Iran theaters jump for online broadcasting of plays over COVID-19 concerns.

Iranian theaters have planned to bring several plays to viewers through online broadcasting due to concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

One of the theater halls in Tehran’s Theater Complex is equipped and dedicated to the plan.

The organizers have also planned some programs to interview the artists before their performances.

The first play will be broadcasted online on April 5.

The project will be executed by Iran’s first online Theater TV ‘Namayesh Net’ that has previously broadcasted some 1600 performances in Tehran and other provinces.

While the world is fighting against COVID-19, many are trying to keep people entertained in their safe environment of home.

Now that most of the public gatherings are forbidden, film and theater industries are striving to keep alive.

Up to now, online broadcasting of several films, plays, concerts and other cultural activities have been proved to be the safest mode to stop the total shut down of the industries.