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Iran produces ‘Red Alert’ doc on coronavirus

Iranian director Mohammad Rafiee makes ‘Red Alert’ doc on medical team fighting COVID-19.

Iranian director Mohammad Rafiee has made a documentary titled ‘Red Alert’, focusing on the feelings of a medical team struggling with coronavirus patients on the Iranian New Year’s Eve.

The documentary depicts the situation and feelings of Amiralam Hospital’s medical team during the few hours left till the new Persian year.

Iranians are usually preparing Haft Sin to welcome New Year beside their families on the New Year’s Eve.

But in Tehran’s Amiralam Hospital, all nurses, doctors and other medical crew devoted their lives to take care of the patients infected with coronavirus.

Some of the medical staffs presented in the documentary have babies from 2 months to 2 years old and they haven’t seen them for almost two months.

The documentary depicts how they miss their families but sacrifice themselves to treat patients.

The Iranian director has previously made another documentary on COVID-19 titled ‘All Together’.

Rafiee says “we completed ‘All Together’ on March 3 and after that we spent 15 days in quarantine. We were also self-quarantined for 14 days after filming ‘Red Alert’”.

He also added the 20-minute ‘Red Alert’ is ready to hit home screens.

Iran, like other countries around the globe, is fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

The highly contagious virus has affected millions of people and world’s medical teams are doing their most to break the chain and stop the virus.