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Hollywood apocalyptic world opposes humanity

In this short piece, the author would like to shed more light on trending movies from US movie industry themed on the Apocalypse.

In this short piece, the author would like to shed more light on trending movies from US movie industry themed on the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse in Hollywood movies seems quite well at first glance, while the agenda behind any of such movies is far worse than they appear.

Apocalyptic movies hailing from Hollywood strive to depict scenes like something from Armageddon where the Devil, often-times called Lucifer, stands against God. In such less-promising movies human beings are victimized by the evil powers while God fails to rein in. 

‘End of Days’, ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ and ‘Supernatural’ are some popular movies or series following the same agenda of depicting a biased picture of apocalypse known as total destruction and end of the world.

Hollywood deviates from or better say distorts the concept of total destruction brought forth in the Scriptures. What comes to the minds of the audience members is how fixation of Hollywood with such movies can be regarded in the bigger picture.

While religion has little place in westernizing-the-world discourse propagated through US soft-war wing Hollywood, the apocalypse is adopted as deceiving theme with a religious tinge to puzzle the audience in a covert fashion.

 Western ideology incubates the idea of living in a world full of risks, and creating anxiety is the lifeblood of such thinking aligned with promoting terror and violence. In this case, what better way is there than distorting the apocalypse to the benefits of fear-mongers in the world?  On top of that, bringing in some Asians and Muslims as demons is an added plus.    

Various visions of the future in Dystopian movies  such as Lars Von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’ and even series titled ‘Messiah’ visualize the Antichrist facing the Christ in the back of the audience’s mind. However, a distorted reality with no hope for the future of the planet creates even more anxiety for present-day modern humans. 

The emergence of apocalyptic and dystopic narratives in US movies renders anxiety, fear and hatred of human beings with no belief in God. Such image is represented through destruction and disasters as well as chemical warfare that includes what we see in the movie ‘Contagion’--very much relevant to our killer virus these days, known as COVID-19.

All in all, the real picture of the end times described by religions make better sense including Islam, where Imam Mahdi (AS) creates piece and brings harmony to the world.