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New Zealand screens Iranian short ‘Hanged’

New Zealand’s Show Me Shorts film festival screens Iran’s ‘Hanged’.

Iranian title ‘Hanged’ has been screened at the 2020 edition of the Show Me Shorts film festival in New Zealand.

The synopsis for Roqayyeh Tavakkoli’s ‘Hanged’ reads, “Parvaneh is a forty-year-old girl who is always hungry.”

The cast list of the film includes Maryam Nikaeen, Fatemeh Mojibiyan, Mehdi Marashi, Shima Arabshahi, Fereshteh Sajjadieh and Dorsa Eshaqi.

The film has already attended a number of international events and won some awards, including the Best short Film award at the MikroFAF festival in Serbia.

The Show Me Shorts is an Academy Awards-accredited festival that showcases selected films nationwide in springs.

The festival aims to help audiences recognize the importance of short films and celebrate them.

Because of the global outbreak of the coronavirus, the festival was held online in the second week of April 2020.

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