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Iran’s ‘No-Fly Zone’ to be available online

Iranian film ‘No-Fly Zone’ will be available via VoD on April 14.

Directed by Amir Dasargar, Iranian film ‘No-Fly Zone’ has been scheduled to be distributed online on April 14.

The film narrates the story of three teenagers who are preparing to join drone competitions.

While getting ready for the match, the teens notice a Cheetah appearing in the area.

In the process of doing the project, they face various obstacles resulting in a conflict with certain people.

Famed Iranian actor Hadi Hejazifar stars in the flick. The other cast members are Matin Pakzad, Ali Zakariaee, and Zainolabedin Taqipour.

The film was well-received by the audience during the premiering and received two awards at the Isfahan Film Festival for Children and Youth.

Due to the global outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus and the lockdown of theaters and cinemas, many countries are presenting their cinematic productions through online screening.

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