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‘Exit’ on-demand streaming kicks off

New offering of famed Iranian director has started on-demand streaming.

On-demand streaming of new Iranian movie by director Ebrahim Hatamikia has been launched.

Director of many ifilm movies who has lately invited move-goers to watch his latest via VOD saw the first online screening of his ‘Exit’ (Exodus) taking place on April 13, 2020.

‘Exit’ depicts the story of a group of farmers who travel to the capital in order to voice their concerns to government officials.

The film’s media advisor earlier said to a local new agency that Hatamikia’s ‘Exit’ will be released through VOD platforms prior to public screening in cinemas across Iran.    

The advisor also said the VOD screenings will promise a better return on investment as well as keeping people entertained at home.

The decision was made in keeping with the spirit of helping people who have to stay at home due to the coronavirus endemic.

The director has made the likes of ‘Scent of Joseph’ (1995), ‘Minou Tower’ (1995), ‘Red Ribbon’ (1998), ‘Dead Wave’ (2000), ‘Low Heights’ (2001), ‘The Purple’ (2004), ‘In the Name of Father’ (2005), ‘Invitation’ (2008), ‘Che (Chamran)’ (2012), ‘Bodyguard’ (2015), and ‘Damascus Time’ (2017).

Hatamikia has also made series such as ‘Scarlet Soil’ (2001) and ‘The Green Ring’ (2007).