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Iran helmer in collab with Kentucky Arts Academy to direct series

Iranian filmmaker Ali Firouzjang is working in collab with Kentucky Arts Academy to direct new animated series.

Iranian filmmaker Ali Firouzjang is working in collaboration with Kentucky Arts Academy to direct his new animated series ‘The Color of Love’.  

Firouzjang, who had previously won a special award at the Kentucky Film Festival for his film ‘The Color of Love’, will now direct an animated series with the same title based on this film in collaboration with the Kentucky Arts Academy.  

The young filmmaker has already embarked on writing the script and creating new characters in order to enable the production of his new series, according to the conditions and facilities, to kick off at the earliest possible date.

‘The Color of Love’ series is scheduled to be screened through a special program at the beginning of the next year (2021).

Opening up on his film’s original idea, Firouzjang said: "The main theme behind the production of this short film was to show the sanctity and originality of a saving concept called love, and of course it was a very personal film that fortunately was globally popular, succeeding to tell what it meant to tell to the world and to different cultures through the medium of cinema."

“From next month, with the initial version of the script for all episodes being completed, the graphic design work of the characters will begin in Iran. The production will proceed according to the schedule, and the series will be ready to hit screens in February next year,” he also added.