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When capitalism criticizes capitalism in US theaters

You may wonder if new wave of anti-capitalist movies in the US is for real. Here is the answer.

As the seemingly new wave of movies such as ‘Parasite’ and ‘Joker’ in US theaters has started criticizing capitalism, we may wonder if it is for real.

On the surface, such movies try to pitch philosophical perspective of today’s world in an entertaining package through offering a criticism of capitalism in general.

They would like to come across as harrowing, thought-provoking films showing various features of capitalism. Though the reality is different as the media in the hands of the US never does anything without an ulterior motive.

A new reading of ‘Parasite’ ‘Joker’ and even the latest in this row Netflix’s ‘The Platform’ could be that while capitalism is criticizing itself, the masterminds behind these movies sound the false alarm of anarchism in the absence of capitalism.

The likes of ‘Joker’ transfer ideas through metaphors such as the clown and the parasite, etc. So, this is good, but what suggestion do they have to upgrade our world tainted by capitalist ideology?

The ultimate picture given to the audience here is that resources will stay with those in power whilst people have less chance of gains.  There is, however, one possibility;  capitalist leaders should not use up all resources and means, giving more crumbs of their large bread to the less-fortunate social classes who are dying of hunger.

The bottom-line is that capitalism talks with masses about their misery, but to no avail. Moguls are just there to line their pockets, this time around through such movies, though.

A review adopted and translated by media activist Amir Ghajarieh (PhD)