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US versatile character actor dies

US actor Brian Dennehy passes away at the age of 81.

US veteran actor of stage and screen, Brian Dennehy, dies at 81.

The  versatile character actor working in the industry over five decades departed life due to natural causes in Connecticut on Wednesday night, his talent agency confirmed.

In one of his memorable performances in ‘First Blood’ he played the local sheriff who clashes with Sylvester Stallone's Rambo.

In a tweet, his daughter described him as "larger than life" and "generous to a fault."

In one of his interviews in 2018, he humbly said, "I'm now 80 and I'm just another actor and that's fine with me," adding, "I have a nice house. I haven't got a palace, a mansion, but a pretty nice, comfortable home. I've raised a bunch of kids and sent them all to school, and they're all doing well. All the people that are close to me are reasonably healthy and happy. Listen, that's as much as anybody can hope for in life."

The actor Stallone, 73, shared a photo of himself and Dennehy in the 1982 film. writing, “The great actor Brian Dennehy has passed away.”