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‘The Devil’s Daughter’ dances Bollywood style

Iran-India production ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ offers Bollywood-style dance.

Iran-India coproduction ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ has offered a Bollywood-style dance.

Check out an ifilm exclusive cut from the movie when the devil’s daughter meets one of the most (so-called) pious men of the time in India.

Directed by Qorban Mohammadpour, the film is the second collaboration of the director with Indian cinema after ‘Salaam Mumbai’.

‘The Devil’s Daughter’ narrates the story of the devil’s daughter that seeking for God’s forgiveness comes to earth to find a way to make up for what her father has done.

Trying to find a medium to compensate for her dad’s wrongdoings, she finds a man who must help her.

The man’s role is brought to life by Hamid Farrokh-Nejad, who is no stranger to ifilm viewers as he has played in a number of series and movies aired by the TV.

Some Indian stars of the movie include Dalip Tahil, Simran Mishrikoti, Shaili Mahmoudi, Gulshan Grover and Jackie Shroff. Indian star Esha Gupta plays the role of the devil’s daughter.

Sporting new looks, including a long beard, Iranian actor Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia has played two roles in ‘The Devil's Daughter’, including the role of a Daesh member.

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