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Deaf filmfest to host Iranian short ‘A Trivial Thing’

The 1904 Deaf filmfest in the US is to host Iranian short ‘A Trivial Thing’.

The 1904 Deaf Film Festival in the US has been set to play host to Iranian short film ‘A Trivial Thing’.

Directed by Seyyed-Morteza Sabz-Qaba, the 12-minute flick will be in contention at the Narrative Shorts competition program of the 4th edition of the US event.

‘A Trivial Thing’ narrates the story of a young man whose wish is to become an actor and to go on famous theater stages.

The short title has already attended a number of global film events, including the Kanyakumari International Film Festival in India, the Merida Film Festival in Mexico, the Lift-Off International Film Festival in the UK and the Alter do Chao Film Festival in Brazil.

The 1904 Deaf Film Festival aims to preserve any type of the sign languages. It supports the emerging deaf filmmaking talents and their works.

This year’s edition of the event was originally slated for September 9-12. However due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been postponed for a yet to be announced time in the future.