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See what Setayesh hears from Taher

Let’s see again one of the most tragic scenes of ifilm popular series ‘Setayesh’.

ifilm website publishes one of the moving moments in popular series 'Setayesh'.

The titular role played by Narges Mohammadi meets up her husband in a memorable restaurant they went on the same night of their wedding. Taher talks about his intention to cross the border illegally due to an allegation that will send him to the gallows.

Seyatesh is trying and begging to change his mind while the police raid is inevitable.   

Taher has just finished two years of military service, defending Iran against Saddam Hussein's war of aggression. His friend, who's deserted the frontline, wants Taher to help smuggle him out of the country.

Despite his better judgment, and at the insistence of his friend's sister, Setayesh, he agrees. Taher and Setayesh eventually grow fond of each other and make plans to marry. But a tragedy causes a great gap between their families that threatens to keep the two from ever finding happiness together.



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