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Ramadan series to follow on ifilm

Don't miss out on ifilm series you can watch in the holy month of Ramadan.

ifilm website publishes lineup of series you can watch in the holy month of Ramadan. 

As the holy month is soon approaching, ifilm has already made a great playlist of series to keep you entertained and fill your days, especially at this time around.

The likes of 'The Wall’, ‘Building No. 85’ and ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ will accompany you on ifilm in this holy month.

'Building No. 85' directed by Mehdi Fakhmizadeh revolves around a notorious group of criminals living in the building. They all find themselves in danger when a skeleton is found inside the wall of the parking lot. The investigator and residents of the building are constantly baffled as a mystery unfolds.

'The Wall' follows an ex-con who was arrested by his brother-in-law, Younes. Soon to be released from prison, fueled by his thirst for revenge and hopeful to reunite with his daughter after 15 years behind bars, nothing will stop him to get what he wants. But Younes stands in his way and promises to make him pay if he breaks the law again.

Among all the tensions, Jamil and Younes agree on marriage of their daughter and son. Will Jamil succeed in his attempts to seek the revenge or will he pay a high price?

'What Goes Around, Comes Around' follows Siyamak who lives with his father and twin brother Saeed in southern Tehran. He tries to manipulate and deceive a young rich girl into marrying him by lying about his wealth and education. Saeed on the other hand is a righteous young man with morals who works for a wealthy plastic surgeon. When the doctor leaves on an overseas trip, Siyamak uses every trick up his sleeve to use his lavish house to his advantage.