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Grounded shortlists Iran super short COVID

The Grounded Film Festival selects Iran’s short animated film ‘C-19’ to take part at its 2020 edition.

The Grounded Film Festival has shortlisted Iran’s short animated film ‘C-19’ for latest run.

“A different world, a great tragedy ...,” a synopsis for Hassan Dehqanian’s film reads.

Earlier reports said Iranian short films ‘Not Winter’ by Hassan Mokhtari and Mostafa Rostampour’s ‘Game Without Zero’ have also received the admission to the event.

Grounded Film Festival is organized by Marbella International Film Festival.

“Grounded” aims to provide a record of these unusual times, caused by the coronavirus which has forced the people to self-isolate and stay at home.

The selected films will be evaluated by panel of judges, and the winner would be invited to the October 2020 award ceremony in the Spanish city of Marbella.