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Iran doc en route to Mammoth Lakes Film Festival

Iranian doc ‘Democracy on the Road of Saveh’ is to vie at 2020 Mammoth Lakes Film Festival in US.

Iranian documentary feature ‘Democracy on the Road of Saveh’ has found place at the 2020 Mammoth Lakes Film Festival (MLFF) in the US.

Directed by Touraj Kalantari, the 43-minute Iranian documentary will be in contention at the main section of the festival.

The documentary depicts challenges to democracy with humor.

The five-day MLFF is an international film festival that takes place annually as a unique elimination-style tournament.

The festival was founded by two entertainment industry veterans from California Natives.

In 2009, the Mammoth Film Festival was named by Moviemaker Magazine as one of the 25 most worthwhile festivals in North America. MovieMaker also described it as “American Idol for moviemakers ... rapidly growing in recognition and praise.”

The MLFF will be held from May 20-24, 2020 in Mammoth Lakes, California.