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Sweden, Denmark resume film production under new coronavirus measures

Film and TV shoots resume in Sweden and Denmark under new coronavirus measures.

Film and TV shoots have resumed in Sweden and Denmark under new preventive measures amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Swedish production outfit Hobby Film listed the measures in a document titled Nordic Film Guide that was published on its website.

Hobby Film compiled the guidelines based on information collected from government bodies in Sweden and Denmark that allow production to be jumpstarted.

According to the Nordic Film Guide, Sweden allows for shoots gathering of up to 50 people on set, while Denmark has “reassumed film production” since April 14.

According to the notice, in order to uphold social distancing, productions now need to have “leaner crews and planning to ensure departments can work sequentially”.

Under the new rules, big crowd scenes are banned.

“It is deemed irresponsible to execute crowd scenes where social distancing cannot be upheld to a satisfactory degree, as the risk of contagion is considered to be too high,” the guide said.

Sweden did not impose lockdown and other coronavirus restrictions, but Denmark is still on a partial lockdown with schools, shops, restaurants and theaters remain closed as part of efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The resumption of film production comes as the two countries have started seeing the virus recede.