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‘No Place for Angels’ in screening permit demand

Iranian 2019 documentary ‘No Place for Angels’ demands for screening permit.

Iranian 2019 multiple award-winning documentary film ‘No Place for Angels’ has requested screening permit.

Sam Kalantari’s latest production, which won Crystal Simorgh for Best Documentary Film at the 37th Fajr Film Festival, is currently in demand for screening permit to soon kick off premiere.

Mohammad Shakibania, producer of the doc, said in his talk with local media that they intend to postpone the screening of ‘No Place for Angels’ to post-quarantine so that more people would have the chance to watch the film.

‘No Place for Angles’, which has been shot over the course of a three-year shooting stage, depicts the hardships women go through to achieve their success in their sports field.

The filmmaker has accompanied the Iranian women ice-hokey team on their various games in South Korea and France. The film, in fact, means to show that anyone can get what they want if they work hard enough for that.

The music piece for the flick has been composed by Habib Khazaeifar, who has also made soundtrack for ifilm flick ‘Standing in the Dust’.

‘No Place for Angels’ is also set to attend the 12th Belgium Millennium Documentary Film Festival. The event, though, has been held off to a later date on September due to pandemic.