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Elnaz Shakerdoust, Bahram Radan to costar in ‘Haunted’

Elnaz Shakerdoust and Bahram Radan are to costar in new movie ‘Haunted’.

Two ifilm popular stars Elnaz Shakerdoust and Bahram Radan have been cast to costar in new movie ‘Haunted’.

The actress in ‘Red Light’, Elnaz Shakerdoust, and the star of ‘The Bride’, Bahram Radan, have joined the new cinematic project at the helm of Narges Abyar.   

Following Shakerdoust’s collab in Abyar’s much-applauded ‘When the Moon was Full’, ‘Haunted’ will mark the duo’s second collaborative project.

The script for the family drama is co-written by Abyar and Parisa Karziyan.

Just like other Abyar’s movies, her husband Mohammad-Hossein Qasemi is to produce ‘Haunted’.

ifilmers are familiar with some of the director’s earlier works as the channel has aired some of them, including ‘Breath’ and ‘Track 143’.

With all that being said, the coronavirus pandemic has put the whole process of the movie production on hold.