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‘The Lake of Ghosts’ to screen online

Iranian feature ‘The Lake of Ghosts’ is preparing to go online.

Iranian feature film ‘The Lake of Ghosts’ is on way to go online.

Written and directed by Reza Jafari-Jozani, the flick, which is currently at the sound-mixing and music production stage, will soon be ready to go for online screening.

The film is in horror genre and narrates the story of some young researchers who travel to the Lake of the Ghosts in pursuit of unraveling the secret of the place. They find themselves in a predicament inside the jungle of the ghosts and some horrific incidents happen to them.

It should be mentioned that the story is based on some poems of Mowlavi (AKA Rumi).

The filming location of the flick has been some obscure and mysterious sites in the north of Iran which are not accessible to tourists and visitors.

Maryam Akbari, Mehrnoush Allah-Dadzadeh, Hesam Banieghbal, Pegah Hamidifar, a Zarei, Nazani Alidoust and Pouya Nikpour are some of the cast members of the flick.