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I go to graveyard for choosing characters: Iran screenwriter

This review digs further into the craft of famed Iranian screenwriter as many ifilm series boast to be his brainchild projects.

Iranian screenwriter Saeed Nematollah’s writing style is characterized by non-linear storylines and extended scenes nicely set on the small screen.

His writing assignments include many ifilm series such as  ‘Madineh’, ‘Michael’ and ‘Under the Vestibule’ that portray scenes teamed with characters.

The main characters in his creation may remind the audience of film noir where they are destined to fight the bad fortune. And while that is perceived in deeper scrutiny, such depicted personages are in constant struggles for peace--as if they were born to be a fighter.  His leading roles are guided by ethics and morals coming from within rather being dictated by any outer entity.  

The protagonist and antagonistic forces are interwoven in his stories as the common denominator with a mere fine-line where the audience finds the baddie likable for one thing.  

What makes his writing more sophisticated is a passion for characterization and if you wonder why the scribe’s creation possesses such affordance, look no further than his interview with the local media.

In his talk, the screenwriter says, “"I usually go to the cemetery every so often with the passion to read the gravestones. While I’m at it, sometimes find funny names. I'm a so-called ‘wisecrack collector’ picking everything that seems special and attractive at first glance."

Perhaps this could justify the names of his fictional characters.