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KINOLUB fest to host Iran’s ‘Douch’

Iran feature ‘Douch’ is to attend the Int’l filmfest for Children and Youth KINOLUB in Poland.

Iranian feature ‘Douch’ has been slated to attend the International Film Festival for Children and Youth KINOLUB in Poland.

Directed by Amir Mashhadi-Abbas, the 2014 children’s flick will be in competition at the Feature Films competition program of the sixth edition of the Polish event.

The short title is the narrative of a 10-year-old boy, Gholamreza, who is looking for money to trade his old bicycle.

On his pursuit, he comes upon a contest that promises enough money for a new bicycle if he can manage to teach an illiterate person in the village how to read and write.

Gholamreza decides to take part in the contest, and his pupil is a 90-year-old woman with really poor eyesight and hearing, who does not want to learn anything.

ifilm star, Sorayya Qasemi brings to life the old woman of the story.

Soroush Jamshidi, Kourosh Soleimani, Shiva Khosromehr, Kourosh Zarei, Hossein Abbasi and Mohammad-Amin Ahmadi are also among the cast members.

The KINOLUB is an international film festival which creates an environment for young people to actively and keenly participate in the cultural life and to develop new mindful audiovisual audiences.

The program includes motion pictures from all over the world – rich in artistic quality and conveying important messages. It is a non-commercial event.

Over the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s edition of the event will not be held in the month of June as the previous years. Instead, it is rescheduled for October 2020.