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Iranian ‘Shirin was Canary’ goes on home release

Iranian feature ‘Shirin was Canary’ hits domestic home entertainment market.

Iranian feature ‘Shirin was Canary’ has hit the domestic home entertainment market.

Directed by Davoud Towhid-Parast, the film that recently hit the market is a social drama produced in 2011.

It narrates the story of a teenage girl who goes on a mental journey.

She imagines that she can work out problems in the world and her own hardships all by herself.

Imagining so, the school she studies in dismisses her because of her extreme enthusiasm for football.

Now she and her world have a new hardship to deal with.

The cast of the film includes Negin Motazedi, Majid Hajizadeh, Shahrad Vosouqi, Saeedeh Roudbaraki, Pardis Afkari, Fariba Shahsavan, and Masoud Mansouri.