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Iranian documentarian talks about his doc on coronavirus

‘Birth’ director talks about unique experience of making doc on coronavirus outbreak.

Mohammad Hassani who is making the documentary ‘Birth’ on coronavirus has been interviewed about his experiences while making the title.

Hassani said “before the coronavirus outbreak, I was working on a film. But when the global crisis came into spotlight, I thought that maybe we won’t go through such an experience in centuries. I knew that these days and the whole experience should be documented. So, I went to different hospitals for the information about the disease”.

The documentarian told the interviewer about different people whom he met in the hospital.

He observed the hard situation that the medical crew went through and the patients who had already lost their family members.

Hassani said he met a teacher who was diagnosed with coronavirus but never stopped training her students. The teacher continued her online teaching even in the hospital.

As Hassani said the production of the documentary is almost done and it will go through the post production phase.

The documentary depicts the situation of a nurse who is in her ninth month of pregnancy and has to go on maternity leave; but because of the hospital’s personnel shortage, she has to continue her work in the laboratory.

Meanwhile, the laboratory manager is trying to find someone to replace her.

The documentary’s crew includes designer Hassani, first cinematographer Mostafa Mohammadi, second cinematographer and editor Mohsen Mohammadi, as well as sound mixer Amir-Mehdi Sadeqi.