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Why do you like ‘Setayesh’ series?

ifilm website publishes a rave review on hit series ‘Setayesh’, analyzing the success from various angles.

ifilm website publishes a rave review on hit series ‘Setayesh’ featuring Iranian actress Narges Mohammadi.

A solid screenplay with great directing art coming from Iranian helmer Saeed Soltani was the first step towards the series huge success among Iranian and international audiences.

The second factor contributing to this series popular acclaim was great casting where you see a cadre of veteran actors such as Daryoush Arjmand and Sima Tirandaz along with then-new face Mohammadi. The series acted as a launch pad for the actress.

The popularity of this series reached the level that many audiences still keep calling Ms. Mohammadi by her character’s name, Setayesh.

The characterization of the titular role also made the series a success. Given that an oppressed woman struggling for life can draw audiences with no doubt. As for the veteran troupe, Arjmand did his share quite well as many of his lines became social media memes among Iranian audience members.

Another success formula for this great series was the confrontation between the traditional man and rebellious woman previously depicted in series such as ‘The Patriarch’. This was another factor in attracting  the audience.


Tahir Hussain Pakistani.

She should have married Tahir in Sataesh series in real life than a man looking old..