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Vision du Reel hosting Iran doc Old Man & Singer

Iran doc ‘The Old man and the Singer’ is screening at Visions du Reel Film Festival in Switzerland.

Amir Osanlou’s documentary feature ‘The Old man and the Singer’ has been screening at the Visions du Reel Film Festival in Switzerland.

The flick which is on an old man who is seeking for hope in the war-stricken city of Aleppo in Syria, is taking its international premiere at the 51st edition of the Swiss film event.

The screening slot allocated to the film at the Media Library of the festival is from April 25 through to August 1st, 2020.

A brief synopsis for ‘The Old Man and the Singer’ reads, “Hope disappears in the shadow of a war. Everything is ambiguous so much so that none can be sure if this is the last moment they will live. Life still goes on and that is the legend. Abu Umar famous for being the sound of hope is a living legend. He rebuilds his life against the desperate situations and that is why they call him the sound of hope”.

Established in 1969, the Visions du Réel (Visions of Reality) is an internationally renowned documentary film festival and the largest Swiss documentary event. The fest is open to worldwide entries. 

The Coronavirus pandemic crisis has promoted the 51st edition of the Swiss event to offer its selected movies to online audiences.

Prior to the final decision to go online, the event was scheduled to be held in Nyon, Switzerland on April 24-May 02, 2020.


Asif Rahman Saikat

An excellent Documentary that helped us to connect with the peoples and their real feel . Thank you for making it.